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145 McGuinness Launches Itself Onto the Greenpoint Market

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Location: 145 McGuinness Boulevard
Size: 10 units
Prices: $495,000 and up
Developer: 145 McGuinness LLC

Attention, hopeful buyers in Greenpoint: you now have 10 more apartments to choose from. 145 McGuinness will unleash its condos upon the world on May 9th, and in the meantime, listings are up for half of the units. Prices start at $495,000 for 1BRs and and $949,000 for 2BRs. The listings advertise the spa-like bathrooms, open kitchens, and McCarren Park proximity, but our favorite thing about the building is the tagline: "Welcome to the other side of Williamsburg Brooklyn?Greenpoint."
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