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New Single Family Townhouses Coming to Pacific Street

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The Brooklyn townhouse market is reaching new levels of hotness, but usually the places changing hands are historic homes that have been renovated or restored. However, newly-built townhouses are starting to join the craze, and developer Bluerock Real Estate is jumping on the bandwagon with plans to build five single-family houses at 321-325 Pacific Street in Boerum Hill. The Observer talked to the company's Senior VP and Development Manager Philip Mendlow, who said the homes will be between 3,300-3,400-square-feet large and four of the homes will have garages.

Mendlow declined to name the architect because "he's not well known" (seems a little rude to the architect, no?), but he did say that the facades will be "totally contextual to the landmark district." He added that the structures will have different physical characteristics: "They're mostly brick, but there will be some brownstone. We're trying to develop an architectural vocabulary from the neighborhood?;a couple of them will look like carriage houses, and the one without a garage will refer more to the brownstone character." Or, as the Observer says, they'll be "neo-brownstones."

The townhouses should be ready by next summer. Bluerock also recently purchased a lot at 330 Atlantic Avenue, but Mendlow did not reveal the plans for that site.
· Townhouse Torrent! Bluerock Plans Five Brick Neo-Brownstones for Pacific Street [NYO]