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Big Reveal: $1.395M For a 2BR Condo In Prospect Heights

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There was a lot of discussion about the layout of this week's Pricespotter property, mostly surrounding the oddness of the cellar space. The poor layout may make more sense when we reveal the building's architect... the one and only Karl Fischer! The building is located at 660-662 Bergen Street in Prospect Heights, and the asking price on the unit is $1.395 million. A few people ran the numbers and made very close guesses, but then someone went and ruined all the fun by pointing out the listing. The unit first sold back in 2010 for $715,000, which makes the $1.395M ask seem a bit high considering no renovation is mentioned.

As many noted, the unit is clearly on the ground floor, with space in the cellar. One commenter gave an interesting rundown of such "weirdo" units:

Ah...the weirdo cellar unit. Everyone marvels at the weirdness of the layouts (half bath in the cellar since it's always listed as "accessory use space" on the C of O, so a full bath is illegal) but we're nonetheless impressed by the shear quantity of space and generous yard. Somehow, every time, someone is so impressed with the amount of space that they ignore the impracticality of its arrangement and buy it. I've always wondered who these weird "cellar dwellers" were, and always assumed that they were artists using the cellar as a studio. Who else can appreciate a giant but useless space?

For comparison's sake, we posted the listing floorplan and the original floorplan below. It seems like the new floorplan leaves off a staircase, but the old floorplan doesn't really show where that staircase leads to/from. Any takers?

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