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Entire Forty-Fifth Floor of the Atelier Wants $85 Million

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One of the fanciest condo towers in all of Midtown West, The Atelier, is just going for it with a listing for all nine apartments on the building's 45th floor, which a potential buyer would then be able to combine into one 10,000-square-foot mega-pad. The ask: $85,000,000. (Don't worry, though—that includes a $2 million construction credit.) If that price sounds like it might be a typo, that's what we thought at first, too, so we reached out to River 2 River Realty president Dan Neiditch, who listed the apartment. He confirmed that the listing is, in fact, real. Go figure.

To give some perspective, or just confuse you, the Atelier's second most expensive listing, 6,000-square-feet of uncombined space 20 floors lower, costs $15 million. In fact, there are around 40 units currently for sale in the building (depending on how you count the different combos) and you could buy every single one of them for a combined price of well under $85 million. You could get in early at sibling Atelier 2 and probably have some units combined for you in the construction phase. Or you could just buy the whole 45th floor of Atelier for $85 million, which comes out to $8,500/square foot.

"All of our units are one of a kind," the listing boasts, which means that, when all is said and done, this apartment will be...nine of a kind? Other than some stock info about the building amenities, the listing is a little short on information at the moment, although a potential combined floorplan is coming next week. But that doesn't even matter because all a buyer needs to bring to this one (other than $85 million) is his or her imagination. There are going to be 360 degree views and, well, who knows what else! Just imagine what an incredible brothel it could be!
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