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West 42nd Street's Resurrected Atelier 2 May Look Like This

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We know that construction has restarted on the long-stalled Atelier 2 at 605 West 42nd Street?we have the photographic evidence to prove it?but we don't know much else. How tall will it be? Who's the new architect? What, exactly, will it look like? Today, we may have an answer to the latter. New York YIMBY spotted a new rendering on the website of RSpline Studios that looks like a higher quality, more detailed version of the rendering we saw back in October. RSpline, a visualization firm, does not list an architect for the project (previous plans listed Costas Kondylis), but from the image, the development looks taller and a bit more "schizophrenic" than previous plans.

The facades are a mishmash of blue and white checks, and a detached cube has been plunked atop the eastern tower. The anchoring commercial space is still huge, and its roof appears to be covered with lawns for the residential buildings, which, last we heard, will be rental. As for the height of the towers, we've heard 57-stories or 45-stories, and NY YIMBY points out that they look taller than the neighboring 653-foot-tall Silver Towers, so these bad boys could rise somewhere in the vicinity of 700 feet.
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605 W 42nd St

605 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10036