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15 Central Park West Combo, Once $95M, Is Now $85M

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Amid all the $95 million and $115 million and $125 million listings piling up at the high end of the Manhattan market right now, has there been?brace?a dose of realism? That might be taking it a little far. But steel magnate Leroy Schecter has heeded the PriceChopper's advice to cut the asking price on his 15 Central Park West apartment. (Next problem to fix: the lack of listing photos.) The listing hit the market with an initial ask of $95 million last August; now it's down to $85 million.

Schecter originally purchased units 35A and 35B for $18.9 million, and for a while, A-Rod rented 35A. Schecter tried to sell the units for $55 million in 2010, but no buyer wanted in, so after A-Rod moved out, Schecter decided to combine the two apartments before putting them back on the market. That allows the brokerbabble to advertise the place as "the building's only post-construction combination unit." For whatever that's worth ($85 million?). Schecter promised to give some of the sale's proceeds to his own charitable foundation.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023