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Landmarks Begins Prep for South Village Landmarking Vote

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As part of the city's approval of the Hudson Square rezoning, the Landmarks Preservation Commission promised to consider the landmarking of the South Village (to the north and east of Hudson Square). More specifically, the commission is set to vote on one section of the South Village, north of Houston Street, and survey the rest of it before the end of 2013. So where is the LPC with that right now? The commission will be holding an owner information session on April 15 to explain the designation process to property owners within the proposed district and answer questions. The LPC has put together a map of the proposed district, above, which includes 240 properties in an area bounded by West Fourth and West Houston Streets, Sixth Avenue, and LaGuardia Place. The existing Greenwich Village historic districts?the original district, designated in 1969, and various additions over the years?encompass 2,315 buildings.
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