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40-Story Hotel Planned Next to the Williamsburgh Savings Bank

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The Williamsburgh Savings Bank has been getting a massive restoration in preparation for its next act as an event space/small museum. But that renovation might be overshadowed by some news from the next lot over, which developer Juan Figueroa, who also owns the bank building, acquired in 2010. The lot will be home to a 40-story hotel, The Real Deal reports. All we know about the hotel so far: it should be open in early 2015, assuming it actually gets financing, which it doesn't have yet. Back in 2011, Miami-based architecture firm Oppenheim A+D won a competition to design a hotel on this particular lot, and the firm's winning design was the structure above. It would measure 86,000 square feet and rise 440 feet, but it's unclear whether this design is even in the running for real.
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Williamsburgh Savings Bank

175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211