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Group Hopes Landmarking Will Stop Sunset Park Sore Thumbs

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[Photos via the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee.]

A group of Sunset Park residents have launched a campaign to preserve the lowrise row houses and historic architectural details of their neighborhood. Fearing more "inappropriate" eyesores like the ones pictured above, the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee believes that a recent downzoning just isn't enough to protect and maintain the facades of individual buildings that are bought and then renovated. Even if they have to stay around the same height and scale as other structures on the block, overhauled buildings don't have to abide by the overarching character of the neighborhood?meaning they stick out like sore thumbs.

We got a heads up from Brownstoner that the organization is planning a free walking tour on Saturday, April 13, focused on its "history, architecture, development, ethnic diversity, and the potential to become a New York City landmark district."

According to the group's Facebook page, their neighborhood got a shout-out in L Magazine's recent naming of the 50 best blocks in Brooklyn. An admin quotes the article, which says that Sunset Park is home to the "Best Non-Cliche Block for Brownstones: 56th Street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. Oh sure, North Slope, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, etc. have lots of blocks lined with beautiful brownstones. But it's 2013—Brownstone Brooklyn is so cliche! Travel a bit farther south and you'll still find blocks with gorgeous stone row houses, but in a neighborhood that hasn't been totally gentrified." And the other mention was "best block to smoke a joint" on 37th because it's deserted. LOL."
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