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Williamsburg Social Reveals Un-Dorm-Like Interiors

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Williamsburg Social, the rental development at 250 Bedford Avenue that wants to force you to branch out and make some new friends, revealed interior photos of a couple of its units yesterday. And even though the building and its personal philosophy are contributing to the overall "dormification" of the city, these don't look like any dorms we've ever seen. Where's the 1970s carpeting? The whiteboards on the doors? The bathrooms where every surface is covered in a thin layer of human hair? These are just regular old luxury rentals. Very, very disappointing, Williamsburg Social. It's going to take a whole lot of pizza parties and ice cream socials to make up for this. As previously reported, prices range from a 436-square-foot studio for $2,600/month to an 849-square-foot two-bedroom for $4,800/month.
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