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People Paying 'in the High Five Figures' for Custom Closets

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1) This week's Hunters, Jennifer and Richard, like to do their shopping in the suburbs and for that they need a car. And they—well, Jennifer—like apartment hunting, so they move every time their lease is up. When they decide it's time to buy, setting a target price of up to $800,000, they gear up for one final Hunt, and this time they're going to use their years of apartment searching experience to find the perfect place where they can both park their car and eventually raise their kids. Friends suggest Jersey City. (Sidenote: according to its Wikipedia page Jersey City's nickname is "Chilltown, J.C." so somebody should really do something about that.) After eliminating a few places that are too sterile, too near construction, or have the wrong layout, they fall in love with a rhombus-shaped two-bedroom in the Liberty Harbor complex and snap it up for $620,000. [The Hunt/'A 2-Bedroom With a Home for the Car'; photo by JSsocal]

2) This week in Things That People Want More Than You Thought It Was Possible To Want Anything: closets. They store clothes! Lots and lots of clothes! People pay a company called Clos-ette "in the high five figures" to have them customized! Are these people nuts, or just unfathomably wealthy? Why not both? Clothing is "the internal bubbling to the surface," says a clinical psychologist who wrote a book about clothing. "We choose how we want to look to the world, we choose how we package ourselves. The closet is a container for that." So, if you convert an entire bedroom in your three-bedroom co-op into a closet, or rent out an entire apartment to house your shoe collection (both things that people in this article did), the way that you choose to look to the world is...clinically insane? ['Closets, Please, and the Bigger the Better']