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Multi-Terraced Upper West Side Penthouse Wants $15 Million

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Sometimes a penthouse turns out to just be an apartment on the top floor of its building, and that's always disappointing. But sometimes a penthouse shows up with glass walls and 1,700 square feet of terraces, and that's just magical. #PHW at 40 West 77th Street (right next to the Natural History Museum), which just hit the market for $14.95 million, has not one, not two, but four terraces, facing in every direction. The interiors are almost irrelevant, but they're nice too. "Imagine [the] brunches," the brokerbabble whispers seductively. Indeed—just close your eyes and imagine those brunches, gazing out over the Natural History Museum, eating fruit salad, the spring breeze blowing gently on your face. It's almost as if you're there right now.

· Listing: 40 West 77th Street #PHW [Corcoran]