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Babies, Spin Obsessives Now at War for Soul of Brooklyn

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If there were a Williamsburg equivalent of Park Slope Parents, there would be a thread or two hundred about waterfront construction. Apparently, Williamsburg isn't the next young families' paradise, because all that new construction makes it hard to get baby down for a nap, and construction dust blows in children's faces while they're out for walks with their nannies. "They were power drilling and he'd wake up hearing that dun, dun, dun," one Brooklyn mom tells DNAinfo about her one-year-old's nap schedule. She ended up having to take her son out of their condo to nap, leading to one of the best sentences about Brooklyn gentrification of all time: "One mother said that construction near her Kent Avenue condo at the future site of an outpost of the popular spinning studio Soul-Cycle had been so disruptive that she resorted to bringing her baby to a cafe for naps." Who is Brooklyn for these days, anyway?
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