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Steampunk Apartment, Minus Steampunk, Finally In Contract

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One of the most interesting spaces to hit the Manhattan market in recent years, Chelsea's fantastic steampunk apartment, ran into the same problem that those with, erm, quirky design tastes often face?no one else liked it. So after starting off with a $1.75 million asking price and a "Tim Burton meets Jules Verne" pitch, the seller reduced the price to $1.65 million and took all the steampunk out (or almost all?the antique-looking cabinet pulls were left in place). And it worked! The place is now in contract, The Real Deal notes. The most recent price was $1.59 million.
The seller, filmmaker Jeremy Noritz, spent $1.3 million on the place in 2006, and probably about another $300,000 on the finishes. So, ultimately, Noritz might not be too thrilled with how things worked out, and we're a bit sad about it, too. When still fully steampunk-ed, the apartment looked like this:

And here's the floorplan:

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