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The Winners Of Our Waterfront Photo Contest... Revealed!

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When we asked for your photos of the waterfront last week, in order to give out two pairs of tickets for an AIA-NY boat tour around the city, we didn't expect such a glorious pictorial wave of submissions. The 48 entries (all included in the gallery above but for the two winners) included sentimental, changed sites like Fort Tilden in Queens, now closed due to Hurricane Sandy, as well as plenty of views from and of perennial favorite Brooklyn Bridge Park. We asked for captures of nontraditional and off-the-beaten-track places, and boy did we get 'em. Pictures were snapped from Spuyten Duyvil, near Riverdale in the Bronx, to Coney Island and everywhere in between.

Winner No. 1 is Keith Taillon, who sent in the saturated snap above. He writes that he took it "a couple of weeks ago from the Hudson River Greenway in Washington Heights, just south of the George Washington Bridge. I recently moved into a new apartment near the greenway, and this little picnic area near the Little Red Lighthouse has quickly become my new go-to spot for peace and quiet, all while enjoying the grandeur of the 80-year-old bridge along with stunning views of Manhattan's skyline to the south." A quaint li'l lighthouse in upper Manhattan?who knew?

Our second winner, Christopher Stephens, took this shot of Governor's Island from the roof of 125 Broad Street while on a tour given by the Urban Green Council. We like how to gives us a bird's-eye view not only of the island but also the harbor at large; it's easy to forget that vessels of all stripes chug along our waterways on a daily basis, and how close we actually are to the ocean even though we can't always see it.

Keith and Christopher will each win a pair of tickets for an AIA-NY boat tour with commentary by an architect that focuses on how the city's waterfront has been affected by Hurricane Sandy and how we're gearing up for future storms. These tours are also open to the public for $76 a pop, running for 2 hours and 45 minutes long on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings, departing from Chelsea Piers' Pier 62.
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