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"We need to stop beating around the bush and saying that these people will be 'paying higher premiums' if they don't comply with new standards like raising homes. In reality they will simply be paying 'market rate premiums' and no longer be getting 'taxpayer subsidized flood insurance.' I understand the hardships, some of my family is from Breezy Point and I grew up in some of the hardest hit areas of NJ. But the reality is most always understood that the federal flood insurance was dirt cheap, and 'a steal' if you will. Anyone who didn't understand this was simply willfully ignorant. At a certain point people need to accept that living at the coast poses enormous risks, and if you can't afford the consequences of those risks, whether its rebuilding now, or insurance costs next year, you shouldn't be living there. It's a hard decision, and seems unfair. But it's simply been a decision that people have been putting off far too long, or ignoring altogether."?anon ["Post-Sandy, Rockaway Home Owners Consider Elevating"]