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Long-Stalled 325 Lex Scraps Boxy Design For A Glass Curtain

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The buzz about 325 Lexington Avenue dates back to 2006, when the thought of a tall tower taking the place of a lowrise with a Korean grocer on the ground floor was but a rumor. Then in December, we saw construction photos, which assured us something was finally happening, and DOB records at the time confirmed a 31-story building was going up between 38th and 39th Streets, and that work on the site had been stop-and-go since 2008. At the time, renderings from architecture firm Studio Dror revealed a shiny tower with boxes protruding every which way (see below), but we confirmed with Dror today that they're no longer on the project. Who is?

Why, Times Square Construction & Development, which has tapped prolific architect H. Thomas O'Hara to do the design. Bye-bye to boxes; hello, street-facing "glass curtain wall" (pictured above, from lotsa angles). The building will only stretch to 25 stories now, housing a total of 91,000 square feet that includes bottom-floor and mezzanine commercial space as well as 75 condo apartments and a fitness center above, according to Times Square's site. A duplex penthouse will top the structure.

Over the weekend, a tipster sent in some photos of what's going on IRL?rendering world aside: at left, one taken from the street level of the front of the building; at right, another shot taken from the back while 20 stories up. It looks like the internal structural components of the building are almost complete, except for the narrower vine-covered part on the roof. So now we eagerly (?) await the glass curtain.

Any more intel on this project? You know what to do.
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325 Lexington Avenue

325 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY