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In the wake of the New York City Housing Authority's controversial plan to lease out some of its land to private developers in order to raise funds (details here), the Times delves into the day-to-day doings at one community center that's slated for demolition. Located on East 99th Street in the Washington Houses complex, it's been in operation for 55 years and is used for G.E.D. classes, afterschool programs for kids, fatherhood counseling, and a whole lot more. It draws attendees from as far away as Staten Island. Though the community center has been told it will be relocated, with no interruption to its services, nearby residents are scared and doubtful that it can maintain its efficacy. "But where is the center going to go?" a tenant organization VP told the Times. "An answer?that's what we want. What's going to happen to us?" [NYT; previously]