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Visiting Apartments, Terraces at Chelsea's 75% Sold Citizen

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[All photos by Will Femia.]

The new condo building at 124 West 23rd Street, the Citizen has been one of the quieter newbies to hit the market over the last year. But we shouldn't underestimate the quieter ones. The building is, according to developer Anbau Enterprises, 75 percent sold. Photographer Will Femia headed over to check out two units?a second-floor apartment and a penthouse?some amenity rooms, and the outdoor spaces before the place sells out. (The weather was a bit gray, so just mentally superimpose today's sunshine over everything.) There are seven active listings remaining, asking between $2.295 million and $5 million.
As for closed sales, the average price is $1,377/square foot, according to StreetEasy. Here's a pricing snapshot. We spot one discount of more than 10 percent:

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124 West 23rd Street

124 West 23rd Street, New York, NY