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Ask Architect Victoria Benatar All Of Your Design Questions

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Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a home or apartment. Additional questions welcomed to Today's topic: ask an architect and design expert your questions!

Just because it's Friday, don't tune out. It's time to learn something! Our highly instructional Curbed University series continues today with a guest expert, who is all primed to answer your burning real estate-related questions. Victoria Benatar is an architect and designer who has masterminded and renovated spaces large and small across the globe, from New York City to her native Caracas and beyond. She currently teaches courses on the topic at The New School, so why not let her school you, too?

In addition to maximizing the utility (and attractiveness) of small spaces, like in this NYC kitchen, Benatar has also worked with big-name clients like Steve Madden and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's annex in New York. Check out some other examples of her work, complete with before-and-after pictures. She is adept in subjects from rooftop layouts and updating bathrooms to sustainable design and building home offices. So do you have a question for Ms. Benatar? Please do jot them down in the comments section below, or send them to by the end of the day. We'll publish the best questions and Benatar's answers in a new post early next week.
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