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A Seedier Times Square, Captured As 90s Demolition Loomed

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When he was a film student in New York, Gregoire Alessandrini always carried a camera with him. Between 1991 and 1998, he shot hundreds of photos of a city in transition. In a new post on his blog, called the New York in the 1990's Photo Archives, he has put up a few dozen snaps of the Times Square area from that era. It was just as Giuliani's clean-up reforms were about to take hold, a time when many of the old, raunchy, unsavory theaters and shops were not long for this world.

Now an employee in the French fashion industry living in Paris, Alessandrini recalls those days with some nostalgia: "You could just point your camera anywhere and shoot old Keith Haring murals, empty lots of graffiti and RIP murals, crazy people and wild parties, cinematic atmospheres in the desolate Meatpacking District, 42nd St. sleaze still alive, old signs and storefronts," he writes. "The New York atmosphere in general."

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