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New Look Unveiled for Williamsburg's Giant 204 Wythe

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Last summer, things started moving along at the massive 204 Wythe Avenue site. Now Brownstoner reports that a new rendering has been released, and it's quite a bit different than what we saw back in 2011. The project has grown from five to seven stories, and there wil now be 229 rental units instead of 157. It clocks in at 248,000-square-feet, and the ground floor will have 275-feet of retail frontage. 'Stoner notes that Area Property Partners is still involved with the building, but the press release says Mack Real Estate Capital and Urban Development Partners are the developers. Evidently, the building should be complete by the third quarter. We haven't seen the site in awhile, so construction photos are welcome on the tipline.
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204 Wythe Avenue

204 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY