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"It's not that MSG needs to be displaced so that we can rebuild the old Penn Station. It's the fact that the current Penn Station is functionally obsolete and needs to be improved, and that's more important than whatever the Dolans want for that site. And by the time a 15-year permit is up, everyone (including the Dolans) will be talking about how the current MSG is also functionally obsolete and unsuitable for continued use, and they'll all be angling for some behemoth modern replacement nearby. Of course, that plan will involve getting some sort of free prime land exchange from the city, at terms that are unfavorable to the city, and probably with a result that disenfranchises the city public in a massive way. (But it'll be a boon to whoever is rich enough to afford Knicks and Rangers tickets at that point) The fact that we could arrange for that replacement right now, in a way that would not disenfranchise the city or the public (because the potential site isn't needed for it's current purpose and is plenty big for an arena) is unimportant to the arena's stakeholders. Why lock yourself into something potentially inconvenient or costly right now, when you can leave all your options open and then get anything and everything you want later on from a different mayor and council?"?anon [Madison Square Garden: We Cannot 'Be Forced To Move']