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Here Now, A Layered, Detailed Photo Collage of Manhattan

Every three years, the International Center of Photography curates an exhibition of the coolest contemporary work out there. "A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial" opens this Friday, and includes a powerful, pseudo-aerial photo collage of Manhattan by Japanese photographer Sohei Nishino.

Creating the complex image above, part of his Diorama Maps series, is an involved process. Nishino walks around a given city on foot and shoots locations with film. After developing prints by hand, he painstakingly pieces together individual images into an oversized, detailed montage. The layered look of the 67.7 by 52.4-inch New York map is complicated and enhanced by askew angles, not-to-scale placement choices, and the general patchwork effect. It's the kind of work that needs to be stared at, long and hard, before viewers can wrap their heads around it. Good thing the exhibition is up until September 8.

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