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In The Bronx, Tiles And Mosaics Of Art Deco Lobbies Abound

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After checking out a haunted house in the Bronx, our favorite movie location scout returns to the borough and discovers a host of awesomely decorated building lobbies from another age. On his blog Scouting NY, Nick Carr explains that Art Deco-era terrazzo floors, detailed mosaics, inventively patterned tiles, fireplaces, ceiling ornamentation, fountains, and elaborate doorways are all de rigueur in some of the buildings on and around the Grand Concourse.

Often, the exteriors are deceptively plain, belying the architectural detail and design savvy within. "Never underestimate the Bronx," he writes. "There is a tremendous amount of beauty to be found if you take the time to look."

Click through for lots more photos and Carr's descriptions.
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