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Take Our Quiz; Win A Pair Of Open House New York Tickets

Open House New York comes but once a year, a time of wondrous transparency when beautiful homes, landmarks, rooftop farms, skyscrapers, and more open their doors so that the public can gain a deeper understanding of the city's built environment. That weekend festivus, alas, is October 12 and 13. But fear not, architecture buffs, since there's a mini-OHNY of sorts, called openstudios Lower Manhattan, coming up this weekend.

On Saturday, May 18, visit the downtown workspaces of architects, designers, and engineers from 1 to 5 p.m., and mix 'n' mingle at a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Tickets are $30 a pop and can be purchased online, but the kind organizers have given us two free pairs of tickets to dole out to a duo of deserving winners. To win, email us by the end of the day tomorrow the names of the architecture firms that are responsible for the five projects pictured below. (They're all taking part in Saturday's event.) The first two respondents with all the correct answers win the pairs, plus the pride of knowing your semi-obscure New York City buildings, and laudatory recognition (if you want it) on one very, very popular blog.

For each place, please name the main architectural firm involved in the design. Remember, some of these things may have been rendered but not necessarily built.

1. ? The Queens Borough Public Library.

2. ? "Street furniture," including bus stops and newsstands, citywide.

3. ? 7 World Trade Center.

4. ? Floating docks for boats (which would hook onto piers) in New York Harbor.

5. ? A recent renovation of Christodora House's penthouse.
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