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East River Floating Pool Needs Just $500,000 For a Mock-Up

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Every New Yorker's dream (okay, our dream) of a floating pool in the East River is that much closer to coming true. The architects at work on +Pool, also known as Everybody + Pool, tell DNAinfo they need only $500,000 more in order to create a full-scale mock-up of the pool, which was recently voted the most exciting new design for the city at an Architizer Pitch the City event. The pool timeline originally called for the mock-up pool, complete with water filtration system, to open May 1. But hey, it hasn't exactly been swimming weather.

Construction could begin as soon as August 2014, the architects at Family and PlayLab tell DNAinfo. That's in keeping with the floating pool's original schedule, which means the whole thing?the four arms making up the pool's plus shape will include a kid's pool, a sports pool, a lounge pool, and a lap pool?could still open in May 2015.
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