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Van Alen Institute Seeks Redesign; More Citi Bike Protests

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FLATIRON DISTRICT?The Van Alen Institute is searching for a design team to revamp its public programs space on West 22nd Street. The current space opened in 2011 with a LOT-EK-designed installation in the book store, and now Van Alen is launching a competition called Ground/Work to redesign both the storefront and event space. Young designers (up to 10 years out of school) are invited to submit proposals to remake the institute's ground floor as a light, flexible space that can accommodate a variety of programs and events. Submissions are due June 13, and a winner will be chosen in September. Click through for more information [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

SOHO?Of the New Yorkers screaming their heads off about the bike share program, residents of Soho may have been some of the angriest. After all, it was a Soho resident who compared the DOT to the Taliban. The source of much of their anger was the Citi Bike docking station that was placed in Petrosino Square, an area that people argue should be used for art, not bikes. Now the residents have started a petition to formally ask the DOT to immediately remove the station. The DOT has already moved at least one station, so maybe they'll move this one, too. [CurbedWire Inbox; A Walk In the Park]

GOVERNORS ISLAND?Wacky art lovers, mark your calendars. The FIGMENT festival is returning to Governors Island on June 8 and 9. It will bring with it some crazy pavilion, as well as dozens of other participatory events. You can check out photos and proposals from previous years here. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]