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A through-block Fort Greene lot on the market for $9 million that includes an Italianate townhouse, a carriage house, four garages, and three backyards has some neighbors in a tizzy. Some fear that whoever buys the expansive, un-landmarked property, once a boarding house for Scandinavian sailors while the proprietress gardened the day away, could legally turn it into a soulless apartment building with 20-plus units. The owner, painter Marc Lambrechts, bought it for just $900K, transferred 23,000 square feet of air rights to make the listing more appealing to developers, and is even willing to give up his own 1840s residence next door if the right offer comes along. Worries one preservationist: "Put a glass box or a stucco building and you take away that great Ft. Greene character." [NYDN; previously (second item, with photos and floorplans)]