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$100 Million City Spire Penthouse Now For Sale By Owner

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The ridiculous $100 million City Spire penthouse, described by its own interior designer as a "horror," was taken off the market back in February, signifying that either a) it had sold, or b) somebody had given up. Now that the listing is back, without a single dollar chopped off the price, it has become apparent who did the giving up. Hint: it wasn't owner Steven Klar, who is undoubtedly still convinced that the apartment he (not the famous interior designer he hired) designed is a work of art, and worth every cent of its nine-figure asking price. Klar has re-listed the apartment himself, making it, in all likelihood the first ever $100 million For Sale By Owner listing. He even created his own website for the apartment. Well, almost.

It's also worth noting that, as far as the former brokers at Prudential Douglas Elliman went, the seeds of discontent were almost certainly sown early on, as chairman Howard Lorber told CNN, in a video interview promoting the listing, "Pricing apartments today, it's not a, uh, science. This is what the owner wants," and then proceeded to make the world's saddest face while holding an elevator door.

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150 West 56th Street

150 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019