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$15M Townhouse Listing Lures With Sketches, Sultry Video

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There's this weird thing about buyers who have 15 million bucks to spend on a New York City home?they might actually want to know what said home might look like. A tipster alerted us to this listing for a $14.9M six-bedroom, four-bathroom townhouse at the pretty covetable address of 230 West 10th Street. Along with a host of floorplans with possible room configurations, the writeup includes two black-and-white drawings?one of a courtyard between the kitchen and dining room (above), the other of a roof terrace. According to Streeteasy, the property appears to have been on and off the market since 2008, with brief stints as a subdivided rental. Our guess? It will need some work, hence the aura of mystery and whimsical drawings in lieu of actual photographs. UPDATE: There are were photographs! Back in 2011, we reported on the very same townhouse's saga, with an ample photo gallery. Now, why wouldn't the new brokers use the same ones? Instead, they're opting to keep the renderings "sketchy," thereby keeping us on our toes.
"Flexibility abounds," goes the optimistic, run-on brokerbabble. "This already unique structure can accommodate your wildest imagination affording a clean palate to make this your personalized luxury single or multi family home!" Formerly two stables, the house is 35 feet wide, located on a 95-foot-deep lot, and was apparently renovated to showcase an art collection so that it has double-height ceilings and lots of light. Current amenities include an elevator, a renovated kitchen, exercise and steam rooms. It apparently has the "potential" for seven wood-burning fireplaces. But where, oh where, is the proof? Well, it might be in this bizarre, sensual video...

Set to slow music, we see a nameless (and, often, headless) raven-haired townhouse denizen strap on glittery heels in a walk-in closet and hold a champagne flute. In the minute-and-a-half-long video, there is a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a home office, lots of art, and a bunch of touchscreens that appear to control the house. But again, we only get one real image of the interior, below. Any takers to drop that much on a mystery? Or is this an Adventure in Marketing that we just don't quite grasp yet?

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