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Commission This Duo To Make Personalized Stencils, Graffiti

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Ever want to go out and make your mark on the urban environment, but were too lazy, or perhaps uninspired, to do it yourself? PSFK alerted us to the new initiative Mark This Town, launched last month by two School of Visual Arts grad students, which promises to emblazon a phrase of your choosing on a New York City street (or bench, or door, or lamppost) using custom-made stencils and natural materials?for as little as $1. It's no 5 Pointz, to be sure, but look, that's getting torn down and we have to face it and look for other ways to make a statement, okay?

Minsun "Mini" Kim and Meghana Kandekhar raised $943 last month in a Kickstarter campaign and are ready for your submissions. Work thus far has been geographically confined to a stretch of West 21st Street and Washington Square Park, but the team plans to expand their presence. Even if if your tag is not long for this world, it will be memorialized in their photo gallery on the internet forever. In New York, that's about all the permanence you're gonna get.

As Kandekhar wrote on her blog:

Cities, especially New York, are full of mayhem. People are busy with their routines. But there is something in the New York spirit that inspires people to stop for musicians, performance art, and flash mobs. Pausing to appreciate the smaller moments?a clever sticker in the subway, or an inspiring quote on the wall of a building?makes our day.

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