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Tribeca Warehouse Will Be Steven Harris-Designed Condo

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Architect Steven Harris's first-ever ground-up condo project?an effort with long-time collaborator Adam Gordon at 560 West 24th Street?was announced earlier this year, and already Harris is on board for another Manhattan new development. This one's in Tribeca, at 7 Harrison Street, and Harris will be working with Reese Roberts + Partners, DXA Studio, and a new developer, Matrix Development, LLC (led by Scott Sabbagh with partners Sean Zalka and Shane Neuringer) and Clarion Partners. Unlike 560 West 24th Street, where silence about building details is part of the marketing strategy, 7 Harrison is willing to be (somewhat) forthcoming. The building, a former dry goods and cold storage warehouse, was built in 1893 on what became one of the neighborhood's first residential blocks. (The property falls within the Tribeca West Historic District.) The Real Deal has the sales timeline, which will begin when the model unit is ready to show later this year. The building itself should be finished in mid-2014, so the West Chelsea Harris project may beat it by a few months.

When finished, 7 Harrison will contain 12 three- and four-bedroom units: 10 half-floor apartments, one townhouse with a private garden, and one duplex, also with private outdoor space. There's no word on pricing yet?anyone want to offer an estimate?
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7 Harrison Street

7 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013