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Bill Ackman Revealed as $90+ Million One57 Penthouse Buyer

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Hedge funder Bill Ackman is known for slightly quirky real estate moves, like a proposal to take Stuy Town co-op and an attempt to auction off his tiny guest suite in Central Park West's Majestic. But his latest move is the real estate play to rule them all. Ackman and a group of fellow investors are in contract to buy a penthouse at One57 for more than $90 million. The penthouse in question is the 14,000-square-foot 75th- and 76th-floor duplex penthouse with six bedrooms and 140 feet of Central Park frontage, according to the Journal. (There's another penthouse in contract for over $90 million whose buyer remains a mystery.) Interior designer Tony Ingrao (whose work graces another pricey building nearby) was the one who convinced Ackman to look seriously at One57. Ackman and his investment-mates have no intention of moving in (though we see some sitcom potential in such an arrangement). So there won't be anyone to mind if there's a two-year-old running around.
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