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First Look At Union Square Sculpture; Green Housing in BK

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UNION SQUARE?Yesterday we shared photos of the new rope walls in Madison Square Park, and per the comments, they were not well-received. But a different piece of public art, a new sculpture in Union Square, seems to have more fans. The official unveiling is tomorrow, but the slender, 18-foot-tall artwork by Jaehyo Lee is already in place. Reader/tipster David Heiserman sent a couple photos, noting that passers-by couldn't help but stop to admire the smooth wooden shapes that make up conical sculpture, called Lotus. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

SPRING CREEK?The second phase of Gateway Elton Street, an eco-friendly affordable housing development, broke ground today. A collaboration between several city departments, Hudson Companies Inc., Related Companies, and CAMBA, the project will create 175 homes in three LEED Platinum buildings. The buildings, located at 516 and 524 Vandalia Avenue and 526 Schroeders Avenue, will be topped with the largest solar array on a residential development in New York State. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]