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40 Historic Photos of Olmsted & Vaux's Best, Prospect Park

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The legendary landscaping duo of Olmsted and Vaux created several parks in New York City, the most famous of which is Central Park. That giant green rectangle made their careers and gave the city its lungs, but the designers were restricted by its shape and the city streets. It wasn't until they crossed the river and entered the wide open spaces of Brooklyn in 1865 did they truly create a masterpiece: Prospect Park (okay, both parks are pretty great, this author is just playing favorites). The land was untouched, and the designers were uninhibited by spacial constraints, freeing them to take advantage of the natural elements and create a rolling landscape of meadows, forests, and ravines. To celebrate this glorious green space, we bring you 40 historic photos of the park?many of which were taken when Olmsted and Vaux were still alive.
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