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200-Year-Old Isaacs Hendricks House Listed for $6.9 Million

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The Isaacs Hendricks House, a Federal Style clapboard farmhouse built in 1799 (making it the oldest house in the Village), just hit the market for $6.9 million and it is just so cool. It also looks pretty well maintained considering how old it is and how long it's been since its most recent sale—it was last purchased in 1989 for an unknown amount by Jacqueline Thion de la Chaume, a French socialite and the third ex-wife of actor Yul Brynner. Other former owners include Joshua Isaacs, the 18th century merchant who commissioned the house, Harmon Hendricks, a copper merchant who acquired it after Isaacs went broke, and someone named Muffy Fitzberald, who had a fantastic name (which is actually probably a typo). As for the house itself, the oldest looking feature is probably the wide-plank flooring, although it also contains five fireplaces, crown molding, etc. The brick facade was added in 1836 and the top floor in 1928. It's also right around the corner from another historic (although less so) West Village townhouse which just hit the market for $2 million more.

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