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Hunters Point South Waterfront Park Will Open This July

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With work just beginning on the new affordable housing complex at Hunters Point South and the city just seeking developers for the project's second phase, it seems like any tangible development in the area must be years off?but that's not so. The project promised to include 11 acres of waterfront open space, and that park is expected to open this July, according to the architects at Weiss/Manfredi, who worked on the park with landscape architect Thomas Balsley and prime consultant/infrastructure designer ARUP. Check out the architects' renderings, including an awesome aerial view, in the gallery above.
Here's how Weiss/Manfredi describes the project:

The site is waterfront and city, gateway and sanctuary, blank slate and pentimento. These readings suggest an approach to the landscape that enhances what is unique about the site, while framing a new multi-layered identity as a recreational and cultural destination. New open spaces with connections to the surrounding communities provide access to the water's edge and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. This is the same site that, had NYC won the 2012 Olympics bid, would have hosted the wacky Morphosis Olympic village. This is a pretty decent consolation prize.
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