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The Most Spacious 425-Square-Foot Apartment on the UWS

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What started as an awkward top-floor brownstone apartment with no room for a couch has been transformed into a flowing micro-loft with double-height ceilings and a statement staircase. Architecture firm Specht Harpman created the Upper West Side apartment (recently featured in Contemporist) to take advantage of the unit's 25-foot height through four separate "living platforms" connected by dark wood stairs that double as storage. So how does one make a 425-square-foot space feel, well, spacious?

From the architect's website:

Given the miniscule size of the apartment, every inch of space is put to use. Stairs are not merely for circulaton through the apartment, but feature built-in storage cabinetry and drawers below. The main bath and shower, in fact, are also built below the primary staircase. The kitchen featured fully concealed appliances, flip up high storage units for easy access, and a countertop that wraps into the main living space, becoming a virtual "hearth" with built-in entertainment system. There are no traditional closets in the entire apartment.· Manhattan Micro-Loft by Specht Harpman [Contemporist]
· Specht Harpman [official]