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Floorplans Revealed for Superscraper 432 Park Avenue

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Superscraper 432 Park Avenue, which will eventually be the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere, already has a penthouse in contract for $95 million. That's starting to sound like an almost ordinary number in Manhattan real estate these days, but still, a look at floorplans for a building like this is never ordinary. So our eternal gratitude goes out to the tipster who passed along three 432 Park Avenue floorplans, which we've collected in the gallery above. These plans show the A line on floors 62 through 73, the B line on floors 62 through 73, and the A line on floors 77 through 84. Reactions? The floor is open.

Our tipster also passed along a pricing list for the building. Since it's dated March 20, we're sure things have changed, but this gives an idea of how the unit sizes, prices, common charges, and estimated taxes break down. We like the use of "PR" for powder room:

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