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Imagine Every iPhone Screen Ever Sold Protruding Out Of NYC

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Josh Orter must have a lot of time on his hands. On his blog Stupid Calculations, he performs a long-winded rigamarole of mathematical operations to suss out the total number of iPhones sold in the world, and then imagines what would happen if all their millions of screens were melded together into one enormous black 'n' shiny monolithic thing. Using images from Google Earth (above) and Flickr (right), he then created renderings envisioning futuristic vistas of that mega-screen plopped down in the middle of Manhattan. By the numbers... "The Kubrick-inspired monophone would stretch 5,059 feet into the sky and have a base measuring 2,846 feet across (Central Park is 2,640 feet wide). Its surface area would take in 2.07 billion square inches. That's 14.39 million square feet or 330.54 acres." Orter writes. "The new World Trade Center, by comparison, will have a surface area of 23 glass-clad acres, giving us enough screenage to watch Game of Thrones on all four sides of fourteen WTCs." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously on Animal NY]

AROUND TOWN?, a site for those who want to board their pooches in a real home, has come up with the top five neighborhoods in New York to own a (and roam with) your four-legged buddy. The canine-friendly neighborhoods? Park Slope, the West Village, the Upper West Side, Brooklyn Heights, and Kew Gardens. The first four are no surprise, really, while the last on the list boasts Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Forest Park provides lots of space for walks and runs. [CurbedWire Inbox]