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Lower East Side's Bialystoker Building Finally Landmarked

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Given the rather enormous outpouring of support for the landmarking of the Bialystoker Nursing Home, it's no real surprise that the Landmarks Preservation Commission did indeed vote to landmark the building at its meeting today. The designation was unanimous, reps tell us. An LPC press release explains the history of the building, which was designed by architect Harry Hurwit and opened in 1931. Initially constructed by the Bialystoker Center and meant to help the center's outreach to Jewish immigrants from Bialystok, it shifted its focus in the 1920s to the Jewish community in New York City and opened a 250-resident nursing home. Architect Hurwit (whose grandchild showed up to an earlier LPC hearing in support of landmarking) designed the building "in what appeared to be a gesture towards the Art Deco towers underway in Midtown Manhattan." Roundels on the building depict the 12 tribes of Israel. Condo conversion has been much talked of for this property, so we'll be keeping an eye out to see how the landmarking affects matters.
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Bialystoker Nursing Home

228 East Broadway, New York, NY