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Queens' Tallest Residential Building to Rise In Court Square

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Court Square's finger building, aka the Citigroup tower at One Court Square, is getting a friend. The Commercial Observer reports that Rockrose Development Corp. is currently leveling seven low-rise warehouses to make way for a 50-story, 500-foot-tall apartment tower. The structure will not only be the tallest residential building in Queens, but with 975 units, it will also be the largest. Located at 43-25 Hunter Street, the new tower will rise beside the Citigroup building. Justin Elghanayan, who runs Rockrose with his father, described it as Citigroup's girlfriend.

"I always looked at the Citigroup tower and it looked so lonely. I said, 'Citigroup needs a girlfriend.' So in my mind, this building is its girlfriend. You know when you have a couple and one person kind of softens the other person? I'm hoping that this building will have the same effect architecturally on the Citigroup tower because right now it's so monolithic and lonely on the skyline." The design team consists of SLCE Architects, SPaN Architecture, and Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects. The 907,000-square-foot building will follow the 80/20 affordable housing split, and it will have 30,000-square-feet of amenities, including multiple roof decks, a full basketball court, a library, and yoga rooms. It will cost about $400 million, and construction should begin late this year. If all goes as planned, the new building will open in 2016.
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43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street, Queens, NY