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Guggenheim's Rotunda Reinvention; 'Burg's Affordable Housing

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UPPER EAST SIDE?Starting June 21, the Guggenheim's signature FLW-designed circular rotunda will be the site of an installation by artist James Turrell. He takes the curved properties of the museum's main hall and complicates matters with shifting natural and artificial light and vibrant colors. The Gugg describes it as "[o]ne of the most dramatic transformations of the museum ever conceived, the installation reimagines Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic architecture?its openness to nature, graceful curves, and magnificent sense of space..." The rotunda'll return to its plain white 'n' wavy state of normalcy on September 25. [CurbedWire Inbox via Bustler; official]

WILLIAMSBURG?The city is converting a former warehouse (which used to store hilariously eclectic things?a mountable cow head, anyone??for the Landmarks Preservation Commission) into low-rental apartments along with a ground-floor grocery store, plus community space and open space for tenants. LPC stopped using the site at 337 Berry Street in 2000, and pretty quickly after some complained that the 'Burg wasn't getting the affordable housing it was promised, and just in the nick of time to stop a protest scheduled for today, the city announced the Berry Street conversion. The 55 units are eligible for families that earn 50-60 percent of the neighborhood's median income, which comes out to $42,950 to $51,540 a year for a family of four. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]