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Developer Plans 800-Foot Tower for Flatiron Neighborhood

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Developer Ian Bruce Eichner is not one of New York City's most successful developers, after giving up 1540 Broadway and CitySpire to lenders and becoming embroiled in the mess of One Madison Park, but that hasn't stopped him from try, trying again. He recently acquired the troubled Harlem Park project, and he has another something even grander up his sleeve: an almost 800-foot tower on East 22nd Street between Broadway and Park Avenue South. The Journal got a peek at a graceful-sounding rendering, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox: "the tower?would be only 50 feet wide at the base but would expand like a slender champagne flute and be wider at the top." (Anyone have a copy of the render so we can judge for ourselves? Please do send it our way.) The building would have more than 90 units, and those units would be priced toward the top end of the market.

But a few things still need to happen before Eichner can give the Flatiron environs their glassy champagne flute. Most significantly, he still needs to acquire the site and its air rights, probably paying more than $100 million to do so. He's hoping to make the deal within several weeks.
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