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$10.8M West 4th Street Townhouse Lets History Be Its Guide

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This townhouse sits at the end of a row of Greek Revival homes, as the brokerbabble describes it, and if there's one thing the house emphasizes, it's history. 294 West 94th Street retains "all of the house's original detailing, ornate moldings, wooden staircase and inlayed wood flooring." (There are a few funkier, more modern bits mixed in?check out that bathtub with tile on the exterior.) There's a balcony and a patio, too, but it's those moldings we keep coming back to. The owner is asking $10.8 million for the 3BR, 3.5BA, new-to-market home. He purchased the townhouse in the days before ACRIS, so it's not clear what kind of profit he's hoping to make.

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