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Russian Billionaire Sued Over Time Warner Condo Renovations

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Russian billionaire/lawmaker Vitaly Malkin is having a hell of a time renovating his 74th floor duplex in the Time Warner Center. Earlier this year, he sued his contractor for overbilling him, and now, Malkin himself is being sued by his neighbor's landlord. The Daily News reports that the landlord filed the suit after the tenant, Sam Nappi, who pays $43,000/month in rent, threatened to move out because of the incessant noise caused by the renovations, which have been going on for nearly two years.

Nappi and his wife moved into their duplex last year, and the suit alleges that the "over-the-top loud" noise has "seriously interfered with and prevented" them from using the apartment. He told the News: "There is continual jackhammering, I believe, into the poured concrete floors above. The sound is painful and inescapable." The lawsuit says it's ridiculous that the renovation has lasted this long. "It's inconceivable that renovating a 3,500-square-foot apartment can last two years, and that the remaining work continues to be so noisy. The Empire State Building was built from the ground up in 13 months." Guess that's what you get with contractors who offer you shady deals to make bills "go away."
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Photo by Ben Leshchinsky/Curbed Flickr pool