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Big Reveal: $900K for a 2BR With a Rooftop Terrace on the UES

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As expected, the odd layout of this week's Pricespotter property caused many commenters to guess below the actual asking price. The 2BR unit, located on the top floor of 338 East 78th Street, is asking an even $900,000. So what did people think? One commenter, who valued it at $715K, said the apartment is "terribly odd. You could make it work as a bachelors pad I guess, beyond that it's just not livable enough, but that terrace and living room are great." Another wasn't so taken with the outdoor space because of its location, "Pain in the neck to have a party on the terrace--schlepping everything up a circular staircase. No thanks." While the terrace is nice, it seems like this is a place that will meet the PriceChopper.

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