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Epic Brooklyn Mansion Build Nears Completion After 10 Years

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Even non-stop two-year jackhammering at the Time Warner Center can't compete with the saga of the under-construction Brooklyn mansion profiled in today's Post. The owners, Ivona and Joseph Hertz, purchased the land at 277 First Street in 2000 for $825,000 and set about building their dream home, hoping to have it done while their children were still small enough for the whole family to use the place. But now, after a decade of construction, the Hertz offspring are in college and the home is still not done. It's getting there, though.

Code violations and zoning changes caused some of the construction delays?indeed, DOB permits show six past violations and a recent stop-work order on the property. When the house is done?any day now?what's inside will certainly be impressive (that's pre-brokerbabble for "ridiculous"). Here's how the Post describes it:

Over-the-top luxuries include a five-car elevator garage inside the house, an indoor Olympic-size lap pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, a gym, a regular elevator and three kitchens, including one on the roof, along with an outdoor rock-climbing wall. The home will have floor-to-ceiling windows throughout and about $1 million worth of glass for the all-glass front entrance. There will be, of course, Brooklyn-made furniture and art, which local artisans have had plenty of time to perfect.
?Building photo via PropertyShark.
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