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London Terrace's Vintage Ads; Weird W. Village House Unveiled

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WEST CHELSEA?The massive London Terrace complex has a long history. Even though the original structure has burned down several times over, it's served as housing in one form or another since 1750. Its Condopedia page lays out the ups and downs of the development, and two recent additions to its chronicle are vintage advertisements that aimed to attract tenants. Besides these six awesomely retro TV commercials, the black-and-white print ad above appeared in the New Yorker on September 24, 1938, though calling housing between 23rd and 24th streets and Ninth and Tenth avenues convenient may have been a bit of a stretch. The other ad, at right, touts the building's river views and terraces, "where suntanning on your own terrace is a particular and peaceful delight." Maybe the woman waving her sun hat in the air would be even more jaunty if she knew that, decades later, London Terrace's tenants would win a legal battle against their landlords to keep their rents regulated. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

WEST VILLAGE?A tipster sent in this photo of a recently unveiled mansion on the corner of West 12th and Greenwich streets. He exclaims, "After 29 months, the scaffolding has finally come down at this massive, new single-family home. It looked better when the scaffolding was hiding it... This was approved by the Landmarks Commission??? It looks like a bunker!" [CurbedWire Inbox]